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bulletP.B. Balbuena, K.P. Johnston, P.J. Rossky, and J-K. Hyun, "Aqueous Ion Transport Properties and Water Reorientation Dynamics from Ambient to Supercritical Conditions", J. Phys. Chem., 102, 3806 (1998).

bulletO. V. Prezhdo and P.J. Rossky, "Relationship between quantum decoherence times and solvation dynamics in condensed phase chemical systems", Phys. Rev. Letters, 81, 5294 (1998).

bulletY-K Cheng, W-S Sheu, P. J. Rossky, "Hydrophobic Hydration of Amphipathic Peptides", Biophys. J. 76, 1734 (1999).

bulletP. Minary, L. Turi, P. J. Rossky, "Non-adiabatic Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Photoexcitation Experiments for the Solvated Electron in Methanol", J. Chem Phys. 110, 10953 (1999).

bulletA. Mosyak, O. V. Prezhdo, P. J. Rossky, "The Role of Specific Solvent Modes in the Non-Radiative Relaxation of an Excess Electron in Methanol", J. Mol. Structure 485-486, 545 (1999).

bulletJ. Lobaugh, P. J. Rossky, "Solvent and Intramolecular Effects on the Absorption Spectrum of Betaine-30", J. Phys. Chem. 104, 899 (2000).

bulletJ. Lobaugh, P. J. Rossky, "Computer Simulation of the Excited State Dynamics of Betaine-30 in Acetonitrile", J. Phys. Chem. 103, 9432 (1999).

bulletD. M. Lockwood, P. J. Rossky, R. M. Levy, "Functional Group Contributions to Partial Molar Compressibilities of Alcohols in Water," J. Phys. Chem. B 104, 4210 (2000).

bulletD. Hu, J. Yu, K. Wong, B. Bagchi, P. J. Rossky, P. F. Barbara, "Collapse of Stiff Conjugated Polymers with Chemical Defects into Ordered, Cylindrical Conformations," Nature 405, 1030 (2000).

bulletC. Carey, Y-K Cheng, P.J. Rossky, "Hydration Structure of the a-Chymotrypsin Substrate Binding Pocket: the Impact of Constrained Geometry," Chemical Physics 258, 415 (2000).

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